Hair Brushing Technique to Prevent Hair Loss – Solution

Brushing your hair a hundred strokes multi day won’t give you more beneficial hair. Truth be told, over-brushing supports hair harm and male pattern baldness, says the American Academy of Dermatology. Your hairbrush is a straightforward, fundamental apparatus to tame tresses into the correct style as you blow-dry. Be that as it may, the sort of brush you use and how you use it can impact the general strength of your hair.

Stage 1

Utilize a modest, plastic hair brush with generally separated needles, exhorts dermatologist Paradi Mirmirani, M.D. Costly common pig fiber brushes are regularly advanced as the “best” kind of brush to use for your hair. Truth be told, these can incredibly cause male pattern baldness. Dr. Mirmirani clarifies that hog fiber brushes make a great deal of erosion as they slide through your hair, scouring against its regular grain.

Stage 2

Try not to brush your hair when it’s sopping wet on the off chance that you have straight hair, exhorts the AAD. Your hair is entirely adaptable when moist, and brushing it can cause male pattern baldness. Possibly brush straight hair when it’s dry. Nonetheless, in the event that you have wavy or unusual hair, you should possibly brush or brush it when it’s wet to dodge breakage, says the AAD.

Stage 3

Hold up until your hair is practically dry before utilizing a brush to style it in the event that you blow dry your hair. In addition to the fact that this is less harming to your hair, says skincare master Paula Begoun, but on the other hand it’s basically simpler to style marginally moist hair than it is wet hair. To accomplish greatest smoothness, you may need to blow dry and brush your hair at different dimensions of “practically dry” to discover what works best.

Stage 4

Brush you’re bald, not more. The AAD indicates out that opposite what you may think, brushing your hair with incredible, ground-breaking strokes causes male pattern baldness. Downplay brushing and styling. Likewise, never utilize your hairbrush to “rodent” or backcomb your hair, Begoun exhorts. In addition to the fact that this types of hairdo date you, it’s very terrible for your hair.


Blow drying and utilization of other hot styling instruments, for example, level irons can likewise cause harm, diminishing hair, misfortune hair, says the American Academy of Dermatology. For more advantageous, thicker hair, keep the utilization of warmed styling apparatuses to a base.


Abstain from utilizing elastic groups on your hair, Begoun stresses. At whatever point you evacuate an elastic band, you take a great deal of hair alongside it. Utilize delicate texture tie-backs rather, she says.

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